About Us

The Aquilino Arts family: Rebecca, Maria, Sean
Left to Right: Rebecca, Maria and Sean

Aquilino Arts is a three-person team dedicated to tailored design and personal attention: Maria Lara Dailey, art director and marketing coach; Sean Hamilton, graphic artist, and Rebecca Weber, web developer.

Maria gave a brief introduction to our business and design philosophy in an interview with Elizabeth D’Orazio of the River Valley Chronicle, which you can watch below. For this philosophy in practice, visit our portfolio page. For more about Aquilino Arts and the team, scroll down.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values
Vision To empower with distinction by providing personalized service, tailored, remarkable design, and an enjoyable experience in achieving marketing goals. One Size Fits One.
Mission Encourage growth and development of self-worth, collaboration, creativity and a sense of humor in Aquilino Arts partners in order to provide services and collateral (electronic and print) to our clients that exceeds expectations. People. Creativity. Fun.
people People. Aquilino Arts values our relationships by providing respect and care to our team members, clients and community. We wish to be trustworthy and extend trust in interactions both large and small (see, for example, our privacy policy). The fruits of placing people first is evident in happy team members who feel fulfilled in their role at Aquilino Arts and supported in the rest of their lives, clients who feel that their needs were not just met but exceeded and who return to us for their art and design, and a stronger community and world through stewardship.
creativityCreativity. Distinction through creativity—this is our mantra. This is not just for our clients, but intended to extend into all areas of our team members’ lives. Aquilino Arts encourages team members to pursue creative expression in other disciplines outside of their work at Aquilino Arts. By doing so, we keep our minds flexible and able to offer our clients the creativity that will distinguish them and their organization.
fun Fun. A sense of humor and light-heartedness is important to ensure sincere relationships between team members and with clients. Whether by email, by phone, or in a meeting, we employ a good sense of humor; this maintains perspective and keeps collaboration flowing. Never a charge for tea and conversation!
About Maria

Maria Lara Dailey, Art Director & Marketing Coach

Maria Lara Dailey
Maria believes in living the creative life. Whether cooking, gardening, teaching, painting, drawing, writing or working, Maria strives to approach all of life with a creative mind and heart. She claims that her intense creativity is a product of her forgetfulness: “I can’t remember most of the things I’ve done, so when I am retelling the story, I just make it up.” Despite her inability to remember, she can’t forget a soul she’s had the fortune to meet and, above all, values people.

Maria delivers advertising, marketing and graphic design experience gleaned from multiple jobs over the past 25 years, including advertising at United Natural Foods, Inc. and ARAMARK. Maria has been drawing and painting since before she could write, began her journey into graphic design late in college, and developed talents in marketing just after college. Aside from holding jobs directly in these fields, she has kept her design eye sharp over the years by offering her services to non-profit organizations and events. Her strengths are in small business branding, creative problem solving, and the ability to collaborate on a team.

Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.

— Francis Bacon
About Sean

Sean Hamilton, Graphic Artist

Sean Kathleen Hamilton
Sean is a loving 23-year-old who adores art and proclaims herself to be “quirky, shy and dorky.” From drawing manga to graphic design, Sean’s passion for art inspires her to grow her talents and make it a life-long journey. Sean loves to work on teams whether creating anime projects with peers from around the globe or collaborating on projects with her partners at Aquilino Arts—and she does all with a loving and joyful heart. She has an ability to bring out the best with whom she works and is able to bring forth simple and effective solutions to any situation.

Sean is challenged on a daily basis by the rarest form of a rare genetic disease called Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Speaking about the challenges of living with this VEDS, Sean says, “Though God gave me a fragile body as my cross to bear, my heart and mind work hard to become strong and confident. Well, at least strong enough to carry my countless and unusual sketches around. Get ready to remember the name Sean Kathleen Hamilton… you’re going to see a lot in the near future!” If you would like to learn more about EDS or donate, please visit the Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation.

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.

– Oscar Wilde
About Rebecca

Rebecca Weber, Web Developer

Rebecca Weber
Rebecca Weber is a longtime crafter, teacher, web tinkerer, obsessive list-maker, and resource curator. After deciding academic research wasn’t for her, Rebecca left a successful career in mathematics and has been happy to find in web design the same stimulation of problem solving, technical challenges, continual learning, and even teaching. She loves the wide variety of skills she’s called on to employ and is always reading and experimenting to increase her abilities.

A few of Rebecca's crafts
Whether constructing a pattern for her fiber craft business or facing the challenges that come with creative web development, Rebecca brings a sharp intellect to every endeavor —eclipsed only by her humility and sense of humor. Her likes include office supplies, tiny things, her bicycle, and science fiction. If you’d like to know about her crafty side, visit ReveDreams.com. For a peek behind the scenes of her Aquilino Arts work, visit rweber.net.

One can live magnificently in this world if one knows how to work and how to love.

— Leo Tolstoy
Our Community
Second Growth Although our work is not fixed to a physical location, we are committed to community outreach. The primary recipient of our in-kind support is Second Growth, an organization working to reduce substance abuse and violence for adolescents via training, individual counseling, group support, and prevention education. We fundraised for them at our business launch celebration, donate our talents toward their website design and development, and contribute time as our schedule allows to support other Second Growth activities. Please visit Second Growth’s site to learn more.

Additionally, we offer a 20% discount on all print design work for registered nonprofits, and allow for up to two websites per year at this discounted rate, or more if our project schedule will permit. See our Services page for details.

We have also supported area schools with design work, including Ninja Otter T-Shirts and a Dr. Seuss mural for Dothan Brook School.

For more information on this aspect of our business, sign up for our newsletter. We write just twice a month, with fun news and announcements of upcoming events.

(See also our privacy policy.)