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Profitable Branding for the Small Business: The Dagwood Guide

The Dagwood Brand Sandwich, by Moria Stephens for Aquilino Arts

How can a small business brand profitably? The simple answer: Be smart. Be creative. This guide provides 15 ingredients to building a profitable, successful small-business brand.

Branding is like a high-stacked, Dagwood sandwich and just as difficult to imagine exactly where to start. Sink your teeth into this guide and you’ll be branding for success. Each ingredient works together to create a brand: meats, cheeses, vegetables, bread and condiments. You need all the ingredients to have successful brand-sandwich.

When I was a kid, I didn’t prefer chocolate, anything salty or bread. Aside from these curious dislikes, my ideal sandwich might have contained marshmallow peeps, pixie sticks, and tuna. Not only do these ingredients make me a little nauseated and dizzy, but you really can’t make a sandwich without bread; that’s what we call a tossed salad. Let’s build a better brand-sandwich beginning with the meat and cheese, incorporating some veggies for health and life, some bread to keep it all together –and, don’t forget the condiments for a little personality. Each ingredient in the brand-sandwich works together to create a brand. You need all the ingredients to have successful brand-sandwich.