Black Hawk Singers Website & More

Black Hawk Singers Website by Aquilino Arts
Project Description
A logo that expresses the name of the Abenaki (Native American) drumming group, Black Hawk Singers, as well as their vision to revive traditional songs and renew the Abenaki culture via new songs in the native language. This logo would be used in additional print media, including a t-shirt and decals for the drumming chairs, and as the starting point for design of their website.

The challenge was to create a logo which captured the essence of who they are, but did not look like all the other Native American logos in media: a little traditional symbolism with a modern spin.

One-Size-Fits-One Design
We allowed the black hawk inspire our design, with its iridescent black wings. We chose to have the hawk form a circle with its wings to honor the circular drum and the circle of drummers. We tilted the head at a slight angle upward to create the feel of rising, lifting and nobility.

The logo set the tone of the website, but the actual drum and drumsticks are front and center on the desktop version. We kept the colors and flavor of the main website in the mobile version, keeping the drumsticks at the focal top. We created a one-color t-shirt design based on the logo, as well as producing cuban shirts with the logo embroidered on the front pocket and Abenaki symbols on the back. Also, the logo was used to make a decal to place on the back of the drumming chairs.