Caroline Craig Business Cards & Website

Project Description

The client needed a website and a renovation of her business cards to incorporate a more vibrant, warm image. New business cards and a website would insure that her clients could find her at her new location.


Business Cards: The client wanted a business card that used tangerine and teal, which can be tricky to harmonize. She also needed the back of the card to be aesthetically pleasing while still allowing appointments to be written easily with any pen.

Website: There was a tight budget and timeline. The client did not need a full WordPress website because she did not intend to make changes frequently and did not require any complex functionality.

Video tour of single-page website for Caroline Craig, PT

One-Size-Fits-One Design

Business Cards: We revised her tree logo slightly to fit the new design, and introduced a deep fuchsia to the color mix because the teal and tangerine were creating odd visual effects. We introduced some simple artistic touches to the back and kept the writing area on a blank background so that any pen would be able to write on it.

Website: To meet the client’s needs, we created a brand new services package: the Custom Starter Website (see details on our Services Page) Our team worked hard and designed a one-page, responsive website template from scratch. We tailored the artwork to match her new business cards, and guided the client in her efforts to create content.


Both the client and our team benefited from this project. The client gained a professional and tailored business card and website; when she grows the business, our team will easily be able to incorporate the current website content and styles into a full WordPress website. At that time she will also receive $500 off the new website as part of the Custom Starter Website package. Our team benefited by determining how to serve clients on a tight budget without sacrificing beautiful, unique design. The new Custom Starter Website package will allow us to help clients stand out from their competition even if they cannot yet afford a larger custom website.