Dothan Brook School Otter T-Shirts

Ninja Otters shirts for Dothan Brook School

Project Description
Create a t-shirt design for the Dothan Brook School’s Field Day with the theme Ninja Warriors.

The challenge came in drawing otters in martial-art positions. The furry little creatures have long, heavy-bottomed bodies and relatively short legs, so getting them to do a kick or squat wasn’t easy. The next challenge was to convey a feel of ninjas without using weapons —no throwing stars, nunchucks, or swords.

One-Size-Fits-One Design
The DBS Otter character was created several years ago. We utilized the same character art and created 3 ninja otters, trying to flex the character’s body into several positions to see what looked best. One ninja just wasn’t enough without any weapons. Dropping the 3 letters into the background of the ninjas and making DBS larger than life made for a phenomenal final product.

Being told “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!” by the client is worth a lot. We plan on visiting the school on field day and hope to report back with a comment or two from those who sport these fun t-shirts.