Dragon Mural (2 1/2′ X 10′)

Project Description
A large mural that spans most of the width of a boy’s bedroom. Create something that can be enjoyed from childhood through teenage years. Create a dragon in the flavor of Chinese artwork, and the dragon must be the boy’s favorite color, red.

The biggest challenge was patience as the project went from design to wall.

One-Size-Fits-One Design
The mural was first sketched on paper with consideration of the space allotted for the painting, then sketched on the wall. After a coat of primer paint, several layers of detail painting created the final product. Red was the primary color used, complimented with black, yellow-gold and an iridescent paint on random scales.

The boy is now 15 and still enjoys his “pet” dragon, Spot. We may return soon to mount an actual jewel to the eye.