KL Accounting Website, Artwork, Logo & More

KL Accounting Website by Aquilino Arts
Project Description
Design artwork and a logo for an accounting firm to use in a variety of marketing collateral: business cards, website, and stationery.

The logo needed to express growth and money. The owner loves willow trees and the color green. Also, the client needed to connect with clientele in a way that made the firm stand out from the linear, calculated imagery used by other accounting/CPA/tax preparation firms.

Their website needed to stand out and look professional, but also feel comfortable and be easy to maintain for KL Accounting.

The letterhead needed to use the same willow leaves artwork, they needed to easily print atop the artwork and the artwork shouldn’t dominate. Also, the envelope needed to match the letterhead in artwork and style. All this needed to be cost efficient when printed.

One-Size-Fits-One Design
We took a photo of a willow tree branch and created original artwork to use throughout all web and print materials. We paired the willow leaves with a deep blue to echo a deep blue sky creating a business card that is both striking and unique.

We set up the website in WordPress and sat down with client to walk through the areas. We created links in the WordPress administrative panel to enable quick access to areas in which KL Accounting will be working most frequently.

The willow leaves artwork was placed in the background of the letterhead and made transparent to allow the content of KL Accounting’s communications to take front stage. The matching envelopes used the same artwork, but to save printing costs, we brought the artwork in from the edge and designed a partial outline to define the area. This saved money on the envelopes because the artwork didn’t have to bleed to the edge for printing.

We created several versions of her her logo to accommodate the different ways in which it would be featured in print and web. We created a business card that was striking and unusual. The website and stationery followed suit. Now, KL Accounting has a consistent, bold, friendly, professional image that matches their identity.