Mike’s Store & Deli Branding Package

Mikes_Store-n-DeliProject Description
Design a branding package with logo and artwork for a store & deli in Hartland, Vermont to use in a variety of marketing collateral: business cards, website, menu, t-shirt, sign, ad, and vehicle.

Most people don’t realize how large Mike’s Store & Deli is and how much they have to offer. The store’s extensive line of products and deli needed to be showcased. The designs we created needed to emphasize the full scope of what is offered. We also had a change of direction after the client reviewed first drafts of the logo and felt it didn’t have the flavor he wanted. On the website, the beer list was pulled in from an outside service and was not originally mobile-friendly or particularly easy to navigate.

One-Size-Fits-One Design
We worked with the client on the logo as he reevaluated what he felt would best embody all that Mike’s had to offer. We created a second round of logo designs. Honest feedback led to a logo which was identifiable by current customers and showcased to new customers the extensive offerings at Mike’s.


Many of Mike’s patrons are on the go. Instead of recreating the deli menu as a tri-fold brochure, we created a wallet menu that folds to the size of a business card. Now patrons can pocket the menu and have it handy.

Mike’s website needed to showcase the store’s variety, and prominently display the deli menu and the regularly updated list of 250+ varieties of craft beer stocked in the store. A large share of the traffic to Mike’s Facebook page and website is just for perusing the beer list and deli menu. We created a responsive, one-page website including the ability for visitors to jump directly to the beer or deli menu sections. The beer list is maintained via an outside service and pulled into Mike’s site as a widget, which originally would not fit on a smartphone screen, and displayed as screen after unbroken screen of entries. We added accordion-folding functionality to it so someone who is, say, only interested in cider can look just at the cider options, and worked to make it responsive as well. No matter whether a patron is on their phone or a desktop computer they can easily scroll through the options. To reach new customers, we featured a small tour-video of the store and deli at the top of the website and featured product images along the margins of the page.

During the time in which we were developing the business card, menu and website, the client needed an ad for The Vermont Standard, the design of which was repeated on the storefront sign and the side a 1964 Ford panel van which the company had just purchased for deliveries.

Finally, it became evident that to make the t-shirt classic, like the flavor of Mike’s, we needed to create artwork of the 1946 Ford panel van for it.

Mike’s Store & Deli now has a cohesive appearance across all major media: website, business cards, menu, t-shirt, ad, and vehicle. Their branding expresses originality, has a classic feel, and provides a sense of patriotism. The branding process will continue as Mike’s Store & Deli uses their new logo and artwork consistently in media communications. We look forward to revisiting the branding efforts with the client and seeing how their traffic and sales trend over the coming year.