Music2Life Concert Program

Project Description
SOUNDTRACK:IMMIGRATION was a fantastic, fast-paced project; we enjoyed working with Liz Sunde and the Music2Life Team, including her father, Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary. What a wonderful group of people with which to work. We created videos, email blasts with animated headers, posters and programs.

Music2Life Soundtrack:Immigration concert program by Aquilino Arts

The program was a special challenge; there was a lot of information to include in a small space (just shy of an 8 1/2 X 11). The criteria was to follow the flavor, colors, etc. of all the other materials produced and make sure that the Music2Life logo and contact information was available on each page.

One-Size-Fits-One Design
Many of us think of programs traditionally as an letter-sized paper folded in half, booklet style. We made a small creative tweak, changing from a booklet-style fold to a length-wise fold that is slightly off-set so that the front allowed the same contact information to show through from the inside of the program.

By designing in this way, we saved having to repeat the logo and contact information 3 times over (front, 2nd page and 3rd page). Bonus: the piece was eye-catching because it was “unexpected”.

Special Thanks to Ashley Pound for her graphic design help in fine-tuning all of the materials–Thanks, Ashley!