Music2Life Program Design Tiles

Music2Life program design tiles by Aquilino Arts
Project Description
The director of Music2Life had an inspired idea of presenting to prospective clients using a set of tiles categorized by the different service components, using photos from past events on the front and a description of the service on the back. The intent is to allow the prospective client to select the photo that resonates with them, then assemble each selection from the four service categories, creating visual representation of what Music2Life can do for them. It feels like playing a game, and enables Music2Life to fashion a program tailored to the organization’s needs from the beginning of the relationship.

Two major challenges existed with this project: the tiles were needed within a week for an upcoming trip in which Music2Life would present to two new prospective clients, and not all the photos were of the best quality.

One-Size-Fits-One Design
This project in and of itself is unique and this is creative flexibility which our team enjoys offering. We do not wish to limit our clients with “we only do….” There was not the luxury of time to find or take new photos. In order to compensate for the quality of photos, a posterizing filter was applied. Subsequent filters needed to be applied to a handful of photos to help pull it off. We worked with the large format department at our printer, R.C. Brayshaw in West Lebanon, NH. They provided samples of different materials and costs involved so that the client could make an informed decision.

We worked fast with both our client and the printer and was able to produce a great prototype of these tiles in time for our client to test in the field. Because these tiles were cost-efficient, the client will be able use the prototype to garner feedback from presentations over the next few months and secure quality photos in order to design a second edition/expanded set of program tiles.