Revealed Presence Logo, Business Cards & Website

Revealed Presence Website by Aquilino Arts
Project Description
Design logo, artwork, website and business cards for a client whose services and talents span photography, public speaking, and tai chi.

The logo needed to express a sense of fluidity and being invested fully in the present moment. The client felt an ink or paint feel, emulating the Chinese chop and calligraphy, best expressed the business.

The client wanted a website which boldly displayed the business’ unique offering of a product called Story Cards. She wanted the same feel and art in her website as would be expressed in her logo.

The client already had several successful blogs and websites which she desired to bring under the one “roof” of Revealed Presence, meaning there was a great deal of disparate content to organize.

The client needed special functionality. She needed to have an online store, and she discovered as we began designing the website that she wanted visitors to have the ability to subscribe to her blog by category, receiving posts by email on only the topics that most interested them.

One-Size-Fits-One Design
Based upon the desire to have the Story Cards as a focal point in the website, we designed a website that featured a very large slider for her to feature a handful of photos from the Story Cards with the prompts overlaid. Based on her feedback on what elements from all the other blogs/sites would carry over to this new website, we designed the menu and other organizational features to suit.

We studied Chinese calligraphy and chops, experimenting with actual brush, ink and rice paper. We used “R” and “P” to stand in as kanji within the a logo which emulated an inky stamp, like a Chinese chop. We provided several colors schemes using mock-ups of both the logo and website so that she could see how the colors played in print and screen.

Once the logo and variations on the logo were set, we designed artwork for the menu bar, sidebars, mobile version and behind the titles which continued the brush feel established in the logo.

The functionality of the online store was satisfied using WooCommerce. We researched, installed and assisted with setting up Arigato PRO Autoresponder, a plugin which allowed for the subscription by blog category functionality she requested.

We were able to create a visually and functionally stunning website, which while being very complex and full of detail, has received rave reviews from the Revealed Presence following. We enjoyed the hard work (and lots of tea) that we shared with the client and look forward to supporting her in the coming years with more fabulous design…and more tea.