Second Growth Services Brochures

Second Growth Brochures by Aquilino Arts
Project Description
Create two brochures for Second Growth, an organization which offers a variety of support and educational services for youth in the Upper Valley. One brochure would illustrate the Coaching for Captains program aimed at educating and encouraging leadership skills in area youth, and the second brochure would outline the counseling and recovery services offered.

Both programs have distinct branding that we had previously created which were designed with the purpose of creating cohesion in imagery between these rather different aims. Both brochures needed to incorporate their branding, appearing distinct, yet similar enough that viewers could recognize them as both under the umbrella of Second Growth.

One-Size-Fits-One Design
Previous work in designing Second Growth’s website had led to the creation of individual logos, artwork and icons distinct to each of the counseling, support and educational programs. This made our task easier. The challenge was the amount of information needing to be relayed inside the brochure and how to create unity between the two brochures.

Thanks to fabulous collaboration with Second Growth’s team and honest feedback, we were able to create two incredible brochures. Unity was achieved using the previously designed branding, color palette choice, same unique cut and fold on each brochure and, of course, the Second Growth logo. We have had the pleasure of designing Second Growth’s website, letterhead, assisting with a small video edit, email header, and are presently working on a promo video for their 3rd Annual Spin-a-thon and a primary video which illustrates the profound impact their services provide to youth.