Symmetry Coaching Logo & Business Cards

Symmetry Coaching Business Card by Aquilino Arts
Project Description
Redesign the logo of a well-established business, career and wellness coach, to be used in designing a business card and website.

The client had a well-established business and felt that the opportunity to grow was at hand, but had an old logo and website which she felt did not adequately express the foundations and philosophies of her services. See the old logo below right. The cultivation of the new logo began by determining that the logo needed to be natural in origin, be visually symmetrical and connect with a wide variety of clients. We worked together, honing the imagery to water and dragonfly. Much of nature expressed symmetry well, such as butterflies and flowers, but we had to find a natural image that expressed strength and had a professional feel. Then, the real challenge came when the client called me up and said, “I had an epiphany.” She wanted the dragonfly and the water to somehow be flowing together.

Symmetry Coaching logo prior to Aquilino Arts redesign
Symmetry Coaching logo prior to Aquilino Arts redesign

One-Size-Fits-One Design
We fashioned a logo in which the typically rigid wings of the dragonfly flexed and flowed with/above a water element. The water element emulated the letter “s” (of Symmetry) and both this and the dragonfly were given a blue and green gradient to mimic the iridescence of the dragonfly wing. We created symmetry with the business name by lowering the extenders on the “y”s to “bookend” the word “coaching.” And we created several versions of the logo, both solid color and black and white.

This clean and crisp but expressive logo translated easily onto a business card design with rounded corners. We are currently working with the client on a new website, which includes a landing page comprised of the logo, deconstructed to use as page elements, a subtle animation and slide-in questions to pique the visitor’s curiosity and get their mind working.