The Creation: Music & Visual Art Collaboration

Project Description
This project was the brainchild of Shara DiGrazia, a local DJ, singer and songwriter, who wanted to create a video blending her music to a time-lapse of Maria painting. The idea snowballed as the two collaborated to create a production involving other artists in other disciplines to showcase live at White River Junction’s First Friday, August 1, 2014. The performance was entirely for the sake of creative expression and inspiration; there was no monetary gain for the participants.

The biggest challenge was its BIGNESS…a huge 8′ wide and 60″ tall canvas had to be constructed (Thank you to Jon Offensend, my Aunt Virginia and Aunt Cheri). Another big challenge was coordinating all the artists involved: Robina D’Arcy-Fox (painting on dress and canvas), -=Mr. Grim=- (Chris Boncocco: collaborating musician and DJ during the event), Herihly Photography (Eric Herihly and Adam Hadlock for video and photos), Shara DiGrazia (ShaR4, DJ and musician), and Maria Lara Dailey (artist, art director at Aquilino Arts).

One-Size-Fits-One Design
The mega-sized canvas was mounted up off the ground in front of the Dreamland Building in downtown Whtie River Junction. -=Mr. Grim=- set-up the soundboard and speakers just across from the artists, Shara lip-synced and danced to the music in front of the canvas wearing a luxurious, white fabric that was dropped on her body like a gown. As the evening progressed, Robina painted on the dress, Maria painted on Shara’s neck and both Maria and Robina painted on the canvas, marrying their styles together to the music. Eric and Adam photographed post production and the live performance, photographing and video recording from different perspectives.

The evening was absolutely fun and as First Friday visitors wandered downtown White River Junction, they couldn’t help but stop, listen and watch. The canvas and dress were amazing pieces of artwork. Well worth all the work to get to one night of pure collaborative creativity. The video from the performance has experienced some delays and Aquilino Arts hopes to take over video production shortly.