Wild Honey Healing Arts Logo & Business Card

Wild Honey Healing Arts Logo and Business Card by Aquilino Arts
Project Description
Create a vibrant logo and 2-sided business card for a start-up business.

The client already had a photo selected for use on the front of the card and a font selected that she felt was expressive of her new business. The challenge came with the font being Papyrus, a very well-used font that had worn out its welcome, and the photo having an unknown photographer and hence no permission to use and unknown license.

One-Size-Fits-One Design
We personalized the Papyrus font subtly by extending the letter “y” in Wild Honey down to caress the “s” in Healing Arts. We gave it a honey color and incorporated a lotus flower in golds and purples working with the purple of the flower and the gold of its center, as well as the honey gold color in the text portion of the logo. We tracked down the photographer and received permission to use his photo on the client’s business cards.

We created a vibrant card that used the artwork and font client requested, but that took ownership and responsibility in its design. The client feels it expresses the heart of who she is and what she offers: warmth, energy and healing. We are currently working on a website with the client and look forward to its debut.